Residential Adjustment Services

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The People’s Adjustment Firm Inc. can provide the residential consumer with the following services:

Appraisal Services
Damage Assessment Services
Personal Property Documentation Services
Loss of Use Verification Services
Addtional Living Expenses Services
Cause of Loss Identification Services
Damage Repair Estimation Services
Contractor Selection Services
Coverage Review Services
Settlement Negotiation Services
Insurance Policy Review Services
Proof of Loss Submission Services
Compliance Verification Services

As you can see there are many things that need to be addressed with a large loss. Most homeowners, and residential consumers are overwhelmed by the amount of documentation required to properly submit their claim to their insurance company for payment consideration. And, under your insurance policy the insurance company makes it quite clear that it is the insured’s responsibility to submit their claim. Keep in mind failure to properly submit your insurance claim will adversly affect your settlement, and ultimately cost you money.

Our professionals can help you maximize your insurance claim by making sure all aspects of your claim are properly addressed. So, you can concentrate on rebuilding your life!

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